Why I Need Spirituality and Religion to Be a Good Mom

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that the demands of family life are a constant source of tension in our household (see Friday’s post for but the most recent example), which often doesn’t look as cheery as this photo might suggest. You also know that I want to follow God in and [Read More…]

Spirituality for Busy Moms Tip #5: Pray as you are

Prayer paralyzes me. It’s just too much. Too many people in need. Too many world events to consider. Too many personal needs and wants. Too many “oughts” and “shoulds” inside my head. And too many other things, practical things, to get done. Which is exactly why I need to pray, not as I ought, but [Read More…]

The Problem with Religion

It’s easy to find problems with religion. As I write in “Why I Am Both Spiritual and Religious,” Religious texts have been used to justify everything from slavery to homophobia to abusive relationships. Religious people in positions of power have abused that power and harmed others, including children. There have never been any “spirituality wars,” [Read More…]

Spirituality For Busy Moms Tip #4: Get Some Help

That baby on the cover of “Why I’m Both Spiritual and Religious” is, yes, our son. William cried a lot as a baby, and he cried a lot in the night. Sometimes he screamed so hard I wondered if he might hyperventilate. And I remember one night, when I was traveling alone with him, rocking [Read More…]

Spirituality For Busy Moms, Tip #3: Get Some Rest

You’re stressed out. You’re overwhelmed. You’re running to catch up. You’re amazed that there is yet another load of laundry to fold. Or maybe I should be writing this in the first person. Here’s the scenario of our past few days: Our babysitter is sick. William threw up (not only did he throw up, but [Read More…]