I Tested and I Terminated and I Do Not Regret by Anonymous

One mother’s story of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome that led her to choose termination. [Read more…]

When Your Twin Has Down Syndrome and You Don’t (Perfectly Human by Vicki Vila)

“…what does it really mean when your missing puzzle piece, your twin, has Down syndrome, and you don’t? This will either be a most irrelevant question in my young daughter’s life or a most important one, and I may never know which.” [Read more…]

A Letter to a New Parent of a Baby with Down syndrome

Our daughter Penny was born five and a half years ago. She was our first child, and we found out two hours after she was born that she probably had an extra 21st chromosome. For us, the first twenty-four hours were the hardest, although it took me about a year to fully receive her for [Read More…]