Thank you Patheos! (And Continuing the Conversation at Christianity Today)

Thin Places (my blog) is moving from Patheos to Christianity Today. Find out why, what to expect, and the Patheos women I most highly recommend reading. [Read more…]

Why I Write

On why I write, the authors who mean the most to me, and why stories matter. [Read more…]

On Identity, Being an Evangelical, and Writing

Kristina Robb Dover, blogger at Saints and Sinners over at beliefnet, recently asked if she could interview me. The interview begins: Christianity Today has named you one of 50 women to know, for your work in (and I quote) “profoundly shaping the evangelical church and North American society.”  Would you also use the term “evangelical” [Read More…]

What Does It Mean to Listen to God?

Peter has a two week spring break. It involves some grading and commenting and preparing for the upcoming term, but it also involves a chance to rest. We took advantage of the graciousness of many family members and a babysitter and got away, just the two of us, for five nights, which, come to think [Read More…]