The ‘Original’ Tea Partier was no Christian

What would Jesus do? He would have blessed those who lower taxes on the rich, of course! Well, perhaps those religious Tea Partiers haven’t really thought that through. If they might at least look back to the first Boston Tea Party, those proudly Christian supporters of the Tea Party agenda might be shocked. A key figure behind that bold revolt was a freethinker who had abandoned Christianity for a blasphemous philosophy.Maybe nobody should care about this history, least of all the Tea P … [Read more...]

Interview with Dan Linford – Atheism in Virginia

Recently This Secular Life talked about ways that society silences nonbelievers. Attention to experiences of the college-age generation was heightened by reporting on Blacksburg, Virginia. Dan Linford, a student and an atheist living in Blacksburg, recounts what he has seen there, and reflects on what it like to be nonreligious.The London Telegraph article about Blacksburg, published in February 2014, was titled: “Is America losing faith? Atheism on the rise but still in the shadows” and the … [Read more...]

What does Freedom of Conscience still mean, as Society silences Nonbelievers?

Nonbelievers go unnoticed and uncounted where social conformity rules. Their freedom to have quietly secular lives shouldn’t be infringed, but many can’t enjoy their freedom of conscience. Their conscience is telling them that religion can’t be right, while their communities are delivering the message to stay silent.Demographers and sociologists know the situation all too well. Try to count all the people in churches, and you will be counting some nonbelievers along with the faithful. Obtain … [Read more...]

Who are You Calling an Atheist?

If you wanted to be sure that you are talking to an atheist, what would you listen for? Asking about god, or about atheism, is pretty direct. Would you get a direct answer? Atheists dubious about god may not be sure what to say to you.Why not just ask, “Do you accept atheism?” The atheists are the ones who like atheism, right? Not so fast. If atheism had the same sharp meaning for everyone, atheists would all see how to agree with atheism. Obviously, they don’t. Counting nonreligious people h … [Read more...]