“I’m Blessed” vs. “Why Me?” A Product of Awful Theology

Even worse, this theology of God’s absolute sovereignty and control leads to the elevation of those who, for example, may have acquired great wealth. Surely they could have only done that because God “blessed” them. Dear Thoughtful Pastor: A few minutes ago I was sitting on the back porch, looking at the new growth on [Read More…]

The Power of the Popsicle: Advice from my Mother on Raising Babies

I’m cleaning out computer files and found a something I had written for a baby shower for my niece. Apparently we were supposed to write out the best advice we ever got from our mothers. Here’s what I came up with: I’ve been racking my brain for advice from my mother on raising babies.  I [Read More…]

Pretty Faces Everywhere

I have on my desk an invitation to a conference for women to encourage them with the Word of God, the joy of music, and the spirit of friendship. Three very good reasons to get together, no doubt about it. For a multiplicity of reasons, I no longer attend these types of conferences, but I [Read More…]