Help! Can a divorced person marry again?

But . . . divorce does happen. Always has, always will. Sometimes relationships become so evil that the best solution for all is to dissolve it. From the earliest times, there has been a legitimate out when a spouse proves unfaithful. Remember that unfaithfulness comes in many different forms. Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I am a [Read More…]

Two Months, Seventeen Days: The Pain Behind the Retirement Decision

And finally peace: it was indeed time for retirement, to relinquish the full-time pastoral portion of this call. The Question A dear friend and fellow clergywoman sat across the table from me and watched compassionately when I burst yet again into inconsolable tears. She asked, “Who has been your pastor through this awful time?” Now [Read More…]

Sadness and Separation

I recently accompanied a friend to the Denton County Courthouse.  When we entered the courtroom, a trial was taking place.  The judge called for a 15 minute recess, warning the defense lawyer that he might want to make sure his client understood her fifth amendment rights before taking the stand. During the recess, four divorces [Read More…]

The Power of Names

Starbucks and MacDonald’s are going to duke it out over coffee. Apparently, MacDonald’s is testing the installation of gourmet coffee bars is some of their stores and installing their own barristas to staff them. For those who are not Starbucks aficionados, a “barrista” is the person who takes your coffee order and prepares it exactly [Read More…]