Moonlight: black turns blue, a gay youth grows up

For this white girl, with my solid if somewhat boring and protected middle-class past, Moonlight was a troubling immersion into a foreign land. I didn’t understand 90% of the dialogue. The black, inner-city rapid-fire patois left me puzzled about the details. Nonetheless, the story itself, encapsulated by the excellent actors, captivated me. (Actors: Trevante Rhodes, André Holland, [Read More…]

FENCES, a review: it’s power sticks with you

I knew nothing about FENCES when we walked in except that its connection to Denzel Washington. Nothing. Perhaps a bit of research would have helped/ Probably most of those who will see it will be like us: ordinary movie-goers, not necessarily well-versed in Broadway stage hits written by writers from the 80’s. What we saw [Read More…]

Collateral Beauty: a life-changing intervention

We’ve all heard of collateral damage–unintended bad consequences of actions meant for another purpose. Stories of collateral damage spill over with pain, questions, anger and “How could this happen?” But stories of collateral beauty? Of something wonderful coming from tragedy? One would not think so, but that’s the premise of the movie by the same [Read More…]