The privilege of the ordinary: breath and air

We will breathe ordinary air, not air laced with nerve gas that will leave us foaming at the mouth, gasping for otherwise ordinary oxygen. I get to do ordinary things today. The ordinary early morning wake up, the ordinary retrieval of the newspapers, the ordinary cup of hot tea, the ordinary preparation of coffee for [Read More…]

Burned Into Our Minds

Two of the WWII veterans in my congregation reminded me that Wednesday, August 14, commemorates VJ Day, or Victory over Japan Day. Victory over Europe Day took place May 8, 1945, so on August 14, 1945, World War II officially ended. I’ve seen photographs of VJ celebrations, but can’t even begin to enter into the [Read More…]

Hate and Intolerance: Where’s the Muslim Protest?

I’m sure that many have heard of this horrific situation in Pakistan.  A full story can be found here, but the quick summary is this:  an eleven year old Christian girl with Downs Syndrome was seen holding a burned copy of Noorani Qaida, a religious textbook used to teach the Koran to children.  After some neighbors [Read More…]