Blue Cross Blue Shield "Accidentally" Cancelled Coverage

Well, this has been an interesting morning. I went to my ophthalmologist for my yearly eye exam and handed the receptionist my Blue Cross Blue Shield card and my Drivers License for ID.  I sat down to wait and was idly thumbing through a magazine. A moment later, the receptionist came up to me and [Read More…]

Poverty is Everyone's Problem: Ministry WITH the Poor

Imagine this scenario:  You and your family are, as are most people in the US, what is called “asset poor.” That is, if family income suddenly disappeared, you would have inadequate reserve cash to live even at the federal poverty level for three months ($1962.50/month for a family of four) and stay current with your [Read More…]

Solution to the Government Shutdown: Holocaust, US Style

I know how to end the government shutdown and the growing economic crisis that it is causing. My solution may seem drastic to some, but drastic times call for drastic answers. Really, it is quite simple: eliminate all non-productive members of society. No more drains on the federal budget. We reverse the unholy dreaded deficit, [Read More…]

Straw Blankets, Ministry With The Poor

It is cold here right now in North Texas.  Wind is blowing wildly, temperatures continue to drop and we are on target for record lows tonight.  Areas just slightly to the west and north are under a frost watch.  I suspect my own garden may get a bit of frostbite because it is on the north [Read More…]

Cold and Comfort, Disquiet at the Disparity

It’s one of those days where I realize just how fortunate I am.  The wind is pretty wild here in Krum and the temperature dropped well into the freezing range overnight.  It’s projected to be bitterly cold here tonight. I personally welcome the cold weather.  I sleep better, and also appreciate the necessity of extended [Read More…]

Prayers for Annual Conference; unanswered questions to be addressed

Two weeks ago, Bishop Bledsoe invited the clergy of the North Texas Conference into dialogue. Yesterday, he announced his retirement. With Annual Conference starting tomorrow, I find myself deep, deep in prayer for all of us in the NTAC. I am in London on a three month Sabbatical that is also a journey of healing, [Read More…]

Is There One Righteous Bishop in The United Methodist Church?

Is there one righteous Bishop in The United Methodist Church?  This would be akin to Abraham asking if there were 50 righteous men in Sodom.  I am just asking for one. I ask for just one righteous Bishop to stand up and say, This is wrong.  All of our colleagues who are in covenant relationship [Read More…]

The Dialogue: Rational Brain vs Primitive Brain

Dear Readers, Thanks for all the prayers and offer of help as I go into this health journey. Below is a peek into the recesses of my brain. Keep in mind that the Rational Brain (RB) is fully aware of the grace and love of God. The Primitive Brain (PB) still awaits full redemption! RB, [Read More…]

Ministry With the Poor

Today, Dr. Frederick Schmidt posted on his blog here about doing ministry with the poor, on of the four areas of focus of the United Methodist Church mandated by the 2008 General Conference (just a meandering thought:  will all those change with the 2012 General Conference–just when I’m starting to figure this out?). Anyway, I [Read More…]