The privilege of the ordinary: breath and air

We will breathe ordinary air, not air laced with nerve gas that will leave us foaming at the mouth, gasping for otherwise ordinary oxygen. I get to do ordinary things today. The ordinary early morning wake up, the ordinary retrieval of the newspapers, the ordinary cup of hot tea, the ordinary preparation of coffee for [Read More…]

Why Do We all Have to Lose Weight? New Year's Rant Time

I suppose it is a silly question: here in the US, we do tend to the avoirdupois body-styles. But still, it is January 4, and I feel like I’m drowning in lose-weight-now TV/Internet/print media. The pleas to support the multi-billion/lie-ridden weight loss industry surround us. “LOSE WEIGHT NOW!!!” they scream. “SPEND MONEY ON US!!!!” they [Read More…]

Just Sit Outside

I just saw a great article on “The Nature Cure,” where a physician actually prescribes outside sitting time in local parks, no electronic devices allowed. We need this. We need to sit outside. We need to sit outside without headphones or ear buds. We need to let the serendipity of the less-controllable world of nature [Read More…]

On Trying to Donate a Kidney: The Fly in the Ointment

Mysterious practices, multiple entrances, confusing requirements, authority figures dressed differently with clothing often suggesting power and authority: hospitals and churches have these in common. Another commonality: Both seek to move people from one level of existence to another. From physical illness to health, from unredeemed sinner to saint. And both encounter much resistance on the [Read More…]

Do You Want to be Well? John Wesley and Primitive Physic

“Do you want to be well?” Jesus asks this of the man who had been ill for 38 years. In the John 5 story, the man doesn’t answer the question, but instead gives an excuse: no one would help him. Jesus ignores the excuse and tell the man to stand up, take up his mat [Read More…]

Twenty Days Post Retirement: The Walking Life

Three weeks ago I retired as active clergywoman in The United Methodist Church.  Does that make me un-active clergy?  I’ll say this, I am certainly active for being non-active. Earlier today, I learned that I will take 4300 steps if I walk to a recycling center and then head in the opposite direction to a [Read More…]

Smaller Portions in 2014, Please

Over Christmas, I saw, Philomena, a well-done movie of evil masquerading as good, the need for closure, the temptation for revenge, and the freedom of forgiveness. Major human life themes combined with great acting: compelling and captivating. The story revolves around an Irish woman trying to find her son, adopted nearly 50 years before.  When [Read More…]

Further Thoughts on the Texas Abortion Decision: Framing the Question

An Ideal World I’m with Rick Perry, Governor of Texas (whom I personally find embarrassing in his egomaniacal drive to become President of the US) on one thing only:  in an ideal world, there would be no abortions. But also in an ideal world there would be cohesive families, no rape or incest, no fetal deformities [Read More…]

Sleep, Teens, Church and School

I was in conversation with several of the young teens at the church tonight during the time I teach them worship skills as a part of our midweek program.  We were talking about what it takes to keep them engaged in worship and how easily they became distracted. In conversation, I began to ask them [Read More…]

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Sleep.  We all need sleep.  Several health articles hit the news this week about the necessity of good sleep, particularly for adolescents and for the elderly.  Teens who compromise their sleep also seriously compromise their ability to learn.  And because the wisdom that goes with age has yet to be developed, they are not able [Read More…]