Another First World Problem

In the spirit of poking a bit of fun about the inconveniences of modern life, I post my second installment of my latest First World Problem. The previous one can be found here. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to give away a TV that was connected to the satellite service and served only [Read More…]

The Dialogue: Rational Brain vs Primitive Brain

Dear Readers, Thanks for all the prayers and offer of help as I go into this health journey. Below is a peek into the recesses of my brain. Keep in mind that the Rational Brain (RB) is fully aware of the grace and love of God. The Primitive Brain (PB) still awaits full redemption! RB, [Read More…]

Christmas Indulgence

I receive most days a clean “funny” from Mikey’s Funnies: Yesterday’s was just too good not to pass on.  Let me just say that, although I am an advocate for sound nutritional practices and good self-care, I also think celebration is quite a good thing.  Let’s dispense with taking the joy out of parties by too [Read More…]

Infectious Laughter

A few weeks ago, I was in Montreal, Canada, enjoying a few days with my oldest son, his wife, and their 16 month old son, Joshua. The four of us drove one day to Quebec City and were exploring the Old Town, the fort and city that had been built hundreds of years ago on [Read More…]