Do not fear the clown, fear the supremacists behind him

We have truth here: the White Supremacist movement found their dupe in the soulless body of 45*, a man whose only goal is life is to be unfetteringly rich and endlessly adored by an impenetrable ring of loyalists. Sure I’m caught up in the political news. Thanks to a lingering bout with the flu, I [Read More…]

Help! White nationalism and the human pecking order

Here’s the thing: we humans, similar to small-brained chickens, have this need to know our place in the pecking order. Most want to peck our way to the top, uncaring of the damage we do to others in the process. Dear Thoughtful Pastor: Is White Nationalism in any way compatible with Jesus’ Commandments? No. I [Read More…]

Comfort, toxicity, vulnerability and loss of the village: we mourn

She exchanged the perfection of control for the perfection of never-ending vulnerability. The only end of this is utter exhaustion and inability to function. I put down Comfort Detox by Erin M. Straza (IVP Books, 2017) with a sense of relief. I had finished the book. With never ending energy, Straza exhorted the reader to [Read More…]

The con man, the church, human gullibility and our beliefs

Once we have spent time in a particular belief system, especially in a “church” environment that demands massive contributions, unquestioned loyalty, absorbs all spare time and which forms the entire social network for people, most don’t have enough mental energy to figure out that something is terribly wrong. A year and a half ago, I did a [Read More…]

Help! The refugee crisis: What’s the Christian way to reduce terrorism?

Should the government move to restrict egress based on nothing but “what might happen,” especially refugees seeking asylum are fleeing home-grown wars, then there is only one proper Christian response: “Bring them to me. I will care for them.” Dear Thoughtful Pastor: “Is there a better, more Christian way to minimize terrorism threats in the [Read More…]

Help! Does an all-powerful God cause the innocent to suffer?

The easy answers like “It’ll all turn out OK in the end. If it is not OK, it’s not the end” nearly make me sick to my stomach. What does that say to those who are suffering horrifically in this very moment? Dear Thoughtful Pastor: One of my lectures was on innocent suffering and how [Read More…]

The conservative longing for a dictatorship

At our core, we want a “savior” who can fix things. In this case, it is likely our country has set upon a road to anarchy with its accompanied rise of a dictatorship.   Below is a reprint of an article written by a true-blue “I love America” person. It insults all liberals, calls Obama a Muslim and suggests that [Read More…]

Help! How can I do good for others when I’m such a rotten person?

It never worked. Ultimately, none escaped the “noonday demons” when the fullness of their darkness would be exposed yet once more. Dear Thoughtful Pastor, Recently, I have encountered quite a few Christians who have told me that, after they were saved, living out their Christianity has been “easy.” “You just do the right thing,” they [Read More…]

Why I am joining the women’s march

I will join the January 21, 2017, Women’s March on Austin, a part of the larger Women’s March on Washington. I march not to protest a Trump presidency, no matter how distasteful I may find it. Instead, I stand in support of those who are likely to be hurt by the policies that are expected [Read More…]

SILENCE: a must-see profoundly Christ-centered film

It all goes wrong for two idealistic young Portuguese priests in Martin Scorsese’s brilliant work, SILENCE. For silence is what they get from God, despite all their earnest prayers and pleadings for answers and hope. The two, Father Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) and Father Francisco Garrpe (Adam Driver) have heard that their mentor, Father Ferreira (Liam Neeson), [Read More…]