Wild dogs, babies and betrayed trust: why the UMC is disintegrating

Trust serves as the glue that holds any society together. We trust that others will obey the traffic laws, will pay their fair share of taxes, will be faithful to their spouses, will respect one another’s property, will contribute a proportionate amount to the common good. When that trust is betrayed, the wounds go deep [Read More…]

The cruel month of January

I manage December, enter January, and each year, I think, “I did it!” I got through the slowly dying days. Soon the longer days of late winter and spring will appear. I can get my life from the sunshine, from working the dirt, from leisurely walks. One would think I would know by now that [Read More…]

The Still Small Voice

We went quiet in worship.  Not so much sound quiet, although we provide moments for silent listening.This quietness centered around light. We scattered multiple table and floor lamps around the worship center and let them light our worship, eliminating the bright overhead lights. The multiplicity of lamps became object lessons: each of us is a [Read More…]

What’s the “Why” Behind the Biblical Emphasis on Female Virginity?

I wrote this as part of a discussion circling around the question of the church’s response to growing sexual freedom. The Historic Stance The traditional church call: “everyone should stay a virgin until marriage, and then have one and one only sexual partner from then on–and the sexual partner must be from the opposite sex.” [Read More…]

Wendy Davis, Courage, and the Sacredness of the Womb

It’s all over the Texas news–and national news by now.  Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis, probably forever known now by her pink sneakers, is rapidly becoming a media icon. Why? Because this courageous woman stood for hours and fought with everything she had against huge injustice. Now, let me make myself clear: Abortion is not something [Read More…]