The Mind of Autism and Our Individual Truths

I just read the book review of The Reason I Jump, by Naoki Higashida.  The reviewer, who has a son with autism, offers a privileged peek into the mind that perceives the world like this: Colors and patterns swim and clamor for your attention. The fabric softener in your sweater smells as strong as air freshener [Read More…]

Unrelenting Suffering: Reflections on Oklahoma City Storms

Last Friday night I was eyeing my swollen and throbbing finger in some frustration.  A painful wasp sting had just put a crimp in the plans for the evening. Idly, I checked the news and heard to my horror that Oklahoma City was just at that moment being besieged again with tornadoes and driving rains [Read More…]

Cycles of Suffering, Huge Religious Festival and An Important Question

How do you address the suffering that seems to surround us?  And especially, how would you address it to a group of people who are convinced that until they attain a certain state of righteousness, they are doomed to endless cycles of being born, suffering, dying and then being born again, dying, suffering, etc? Massive [Read More…]