A Time to Say "Thanks"

I recently received a note from someone I knew years ago but have not seen in decades. The last time we had spoken, we had discussed our mutual interest in what it might mean to live as Christian people, giving much more than simple lip service to the things we said were vitally important to [Read More…]

The Phone Call and the Novena

A dear friend of mine phoned earlier this evening.  She refers to herself as my “spiritual mother” and I very much believe it.  She’s in her late 80’s, and is simply beautiful. I describe her as a piece of pure light wrapped in a tiny piece of increasingly frail human flesh. We connected about a [Read More…]

Ready, Set, Go!!!!

It is now upon us.  The yearly craziness absorbs the nation.  We fight off the growing darkness of shorter days with glitter and lights and frenzied activity.  We shake off gloom with parties, food, drink.  Sated with sugar and calorie-laden eggnog, we lose control of spending and credit cards flame out with overuse. It really [Read More…]

Thank You!

“Joshua, can you say, ‘Thank you?’” I wonder how many times I said this to my 16 month old grandson on my recent visit to Montreal. His parents and I are all seeking to instill in him good manners and what we hope will be a deeply ingrained and almost automatic response when someone does [Read More…]