The village idiot and the nature of greed: reflections on Donald Trump

Trump serves as the village idiot, speaking the truth while he masks it in his web of unending lies and mental craziness. We need that truth-teller. Even the “We love everything Trump and think the GOP can do no wrong” Wall Street Journal had this as its front page headline: “Trump Shared Secrets With Russians.” The [Read More…]

Liars, lies, webs of lies, and more lies: time for truth

“Our president is a liar, and we need to find out how serious his latest lies are.” ~David Leonhardt, NYT I’m old enough to remember well when Richard Nixon went down. At that point, I thought all Democrats were of the devil and was sure God was on Nixon’s side and that Nixon would prove [Read More…]

Help! Is there any real truth in a world of “alternative facts”?

When I speak a “truth” that makes me look better and others look worse, the chances are 100% that I’m way off base from God-truth. Dear Thoughtful Pastor: The last election cycle and the first 100 days of the Trump administration have lead me to this question.  The commandment, “Thou shall not bear false witness,” [Read More…]

The Pew Report: The Nature of Truth or Cut the Baby in Half

We all disagree with each other over almost everything. And this is also true with the various interpretations of the decline of Christianity as documented by the latest Pew Report. Many are sure that the reason for the decline stems from decisions those who disagree theologically have made. In other words, those on one side of the fence [Read More…]

Can the Morally Twisted Vote for Good?

Can the morally twisted still recognize and support that which is good?  I ask that in light of the upcoming papal election. Now, the former Archbishop of Edinburgh, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, has mercifully solved that dilemma for himself.  In the last couple of weeks, as multiple allegations of sexual impropriety against him became public, he [Read More…]

The Taught Being the Teacher

During Lent, I’ve been leading a study I called “Doubters Anonymous” which was set up to give those with questions about our faith a place to express them openly and without condemnation.  I had no idea what would happen when we began this.  I planned to simply let it unfold. What we ended up doing [Read More…]

Questions, Questions, We’ve Got Questions

Last Tuesday, a group of people sat in a circle and we began an open discussion about our questions about our faith.  I have called this group “Doubters Anonymous” and have invited anyone who wants to explore any aspect of their faith to come together during Lent and do so in an open, welcoming atmosphere [Read More…]

Newt and Marriage

Well, nothing like a statement from a former wife to throw a monkey wrench into Newt’s life and campaign.  Several hours ago, this story with accompanying video were posted on the New York Times website: “Former Gingrich Wife Says He Asked for ‘Open Marriage’”  When this presidential candidate was married to wife number two, he [Read More…]

On Poetry and Papyrus

Do they never read poetry? I often ask this question when I see people picking apart poetic passages in the Bible as though these were doctoral dissertations with extensive documentation, rigid logic, and grammatical precision. Poetry reads differently. Its verbal images are meant to invoke great truths, open new worlds and connect with the hearts [Read More…]

The Wading Pool

My parents, both born and bred in Indiana, uprooted their family and moved us all to Texas when my siblings and I were 10, 7 and 6. The first thing my mother did after our move was enroll us in swimming lessons. She knew that the hotter weather here meant that water activities were a [Read More…]