Help! Why can’t progressives “get” the obsession with abortion?

We could do this–we could reach across the aisles, across the abortion rhetoric and say, “ALL life has value” as well as “Some situations are tragic and need special consideration.” Dear Thoughtful Pastor: For a long time, I have been bothered by the seemingly unshakable fidelity of Christian voters to the single issue of abortion. [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: birth control, barrenness, and God’s curse

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I have family members who believe that using birth control is sinful because children are a blessing from God. They believe that people who use birth control are not only sinful but exceedingly selfish for not wanting children. They also believe that barrenness is a curse from God. I think they are [Read More…]

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The sad necessity of abortion: how can the church lead the way?

The news hit early today: the Supreme Court struck down the law passed by the Texas Legislature that placed extreme restrictions on abortion access in Texas, particularly for poorer women in rural areas. The Supreme Court action, called the Whole Women’s Health Ruling, can be found here. I am relieved at the awareness shown by [Read More…]

Pope Says OK to Birth Control

OK, the headline is a bit of a stretch. However, apparently the Pope did make a reference to the problem of the Zika virus and the many babies being born with significant neurological defects. Here’s the quote from the CNN news release: “Pope Francis suggested that contraceptives may be used to prevent the spread of the [Read More…]