Lean and Mean or Deep and Wide?

I’m sitting on an airplane to NYC to begin my Sabbatical, which will include much thinking and writing about the nature of a healthy church culture. I am both pastor and gardener.  The first by occupation, the second by avocation.  I love both venues.  I also often say that there is no place like the [Read More…]

Arrest Him!

Last night at our Midweek Miracle program for children and youth, I invited them to act out parts of the passion week story as I told it to them again. Several of the older youth “arrest” Jesus while the high priests stand off to the side, nodding with approval. Although the children occasionally mugged a [Read More…]

No Middle Ground: Eliminate the “Try” Word

About a year ago, I was introduced to Paleo eating, and removed all wheat and grain products from my diet and most dairy (I’ve long been lactose intolerant anyway).  It was and is a challenging way to eat. It also dropped my blood pressure 30 points, and left me with perfect blood sugar and cholesterol [Read More…]