Every child born changes the entire world

Every child born changes the entire world. Whether eagerly longed for or dreaded, male or female, impoverished or ultra-wealthy, every child changes the world. Whether loaded with physical and mental challenges or worry-free healthy, a musical prodigy or profoundly tone-deaf, hair sunny-silky light or wildly curly/kinky dark, skin glorious ebony-rich to albino-like pale, every child [Read More…]

December Sadness and the Timing of Christmas

This time of year has always been tough for me, and Christmas is anything but a favorite holiday. In my growing up years, it was a time of growing tension yearly between my mom and dad. I, as the ultra-sensitive, peace-making middle child held and internalized much of that tension between the two of them. [Read More…]

Promiscuous Love

This time of year when the acorns and pecans cover sidewalks liberally here in North Texas, I start thinking about how nature, with its powerful urge to reproduce itself, shows us much about the nature of God’s love. There is so much of it that we can trample on it and still have plenty left [Read More…]

Christmas: It's Worth Celebrating

It’s about the poor and left out. That’s the main message of Christmas–doesn’t matter what religion or beliefs you hold, the center of this crazy, shopping-exhausted, fueled-by-adrenaline partied, frenzied decorated, over-the-top worship-extravaganzad day is that invisible, lonely, cast-out, poor and powerless people matter. We just tend to forget that in the stampede for the “perfect” [Read More…]

More on the Confusion Between Santa and God

This letter appeared in the “Dear Abby” advice column that was in the newspaper on December 8, 2012: DEAR ABBY: Last night I received a call from my almost-5-year-old granddaughter asking me for Santa Claus’ phone number. It seems she is very angry at her daddy for calling her a brat because she wouldn’t give [Read More…]

Everybody and Their Dogs Were at Worship Today

We could have turned off all the lights in the worship center today and the light on this child’s face would have illuminated the entire space when she came forward for the blessing of the toys.  As her mother said later, “Everybody and their dogs were at worship today! The children in prayer as we [Read More…]

Prepare The Way

His voice cries out and says, “Get that road straight—the glory of the Lord is about to appear!” These words, loosely paraphrased, are from Isaiah 40, that beautiful passage that starts with, “Comfort, O comfort my people.” Several of the movements in Handel’s “Messiah” come from these great Scriptures. Rough and ready John the Baptist [Read More…]

God With Us? Are You Sure?

I am convinced that, despite what I am sure will be countless calls to “Put Christ back into Christmas!” and other such yearly holiday pleas, most people really have no desire for God to actually show up during this season. We sing, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” With these words, we call for God to [Read More…]

This Time of the Year

Always at this time of the year, I find myself both looking forward to and dreading Christmas. I look forward to the music, to the lights and decorations. They remind me of angelic hosts announcing good news that God enters fully into human experience. I delight in the extra generosity that encourages us to look [Read More…]

Christmas Afternoon

It is late Christmas afternoon.  I’m alone in the house, listening to classical Christmas music, and doing so with a growing awareness that I am not the only one with a tendency to the minor key or to the tinge of sadness experienced by many during this season. We Christians properly celebrate the birth of [Read More…]