The Most Despised Person in the US

What might it be like to have the status of the most despised person in the US? Right now, that position belongs to Ethan Couch, with the secondary position going to his enabling mother, Tonya. Everyone knows the story by now. At age 16, Ethan steals beer, drives his pickup along a dark road, hits [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Forced Rehab and Misplaced Forgiveness

My mom confronted my sister about her drug problem again. Of course my sister continues to deny it even though we all know she is lying. She has been using her daughter to hide her drugs for her. She keeps saying she can quit on her own but she can’t. She is stealing money from [Read More…]

Reflections on Les Miserables

Why does Les Miserables move me so much? In 2014, I watched an incredible Broadway performance of that famous musical. At the end I stood cheering and applauding. I was also weeping openly. Why? I don’t cry that easily–and I know the story extremely well. I’ve even read the book from upon which the musical and [Read More…]

Further Reflections on Bishop Bledsoe and the Nature of Grace

The Nature of Grace I’ve got the whole concept of grace heavy on my mind today.  In a world held together by a gracious God, I am more and more aware that we don’t always receive what we want and never receive what we deserve. Others have written eloquently about this subject, particularly Dietrich Bonhoeffer: [Read More…]