The Most Despised Person in the US

What might it be like to have the status of the most despised person in the US? Right now, that position belongs to Ethan Couch, with the secondary position going to his enabling mother, Tonya. Everyone knows the story by now. At age 16, Ethan steals beer, drives his pickup along a dark road, hits [Read More…]

California Mystery Worship Three: Matter is Mortal Error

“Matter is mortal error.” I’m seeking to understand this phrase after attending worship at First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Thousand Oaks, CA. I arrived early, accompanying the friend of a friend who serves as summer vocalist. I had the opportunity to observe the two lay readers, the organist and the vocalist, all female, put [Read More…]

Reflections on Les Miserables

Why does Les Miserables move me so much? In 2014, I watched an incredible Broadway performance of that famous musical. At the end I stood cheering and applauding. I was also weeping openly. Why? I don’t cry that easily–and I know the story extremely well. I’ve even read the book from upon which the musical and [Read More…]

Judicial Council Decisions: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Because the members of the Judicial Council were faithful to the letter of the law, which is exactly what they are supposed to do, we now know for sure that this emperor has no clothes. The United Methodist Church cannot be re-formed. It’s over for us with our current structure. The Judicial Council’s decision to [Read More…]

The Fox in the Henhouse

Is it gracious to let a fox loose in a henhouse? I believe most of us would say a hearty “no” to that, but think about it a moment. Assuming for just a moment that foxes can talk, suppose a fox comes to you, the henhouse owner, and says, I know I’ve had  some problems [Read More…]

The Streets of NYC and Thoughts on General Conference

I am now in New York City. But today is more a day of rest and continued healing as I’m having trouble with being still enough to let the stitches heal properly from my surgery, nearly three weeks ago. So, I spent a few hours this morning reading blogs again and trying to figure out [Read More…]