It’s time. Blow up the UMC. My own breaking point.

These responses may be the breaking point for me. A church based on a theology of grace operates with the same nastiness of our current political discourse. I had planned a gentle, thoughtful post here. I have, after all, billed myself as the Thoughtful Pastor, although some certainly question the appropriateness of my claim. My proposed [Read More…]

Why FaceBook And Robert's Rules of Order Make Holy Conferencing Impossible: An Alternative Approach

Yet One More FB Explosion For what seemed like the trillionth time, I watched another clergy Facebook conversation degenerate into frustration, name-calling, shut-off, and despair. The few political conversations I have participated on using the same medium have seen similar fates. Why? First, let’s look at Twitter.  With a 140 character limit, it became a [Read More…]

Judicial Council Decisions: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Because the members of the Judicial Council were faithful to the letter of the law, which is exactly what they are supposed to do, we now know for sure that this emperor has no clothes. The United Methodist Church cannot be re-formed. It’s over for us with our current structure. The Judicial Council’s decision to [Read More…]