No More Bookstores

As I wander through the airport for taking off for London, trying to keep moving for the long enforced the overnight flight, I suddenly realized: no bookstores. I saw one small newsstand with maybe a couple of dozen books, a few newspapers, a paltry stack of magazines, but no expensive, serendipitous shelves of untouched books. [Read More…]

Reflections Upon Heading Home

My bag is packed, and shortly I’ll head out, flag down a taxi like the best of New Yorkers and head to the airport.  I still have the rest of July for the Sabbatical, and massive amounts of work to put what I’ve written and thought about during these weeks into a coherent form, useful [Read More…]

The Kingdom of Heaven and Heathrow Airport

Perhaps the kingdom of heaven is a bit like Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, June 27 . On that day: I fly from Heathrow to NYC, ending my extended sojourn in the UK, and beginning my reentry into the US. My nephew flies from Heathrow to Los Angeles My nephew’s mother-in-law lands at Heathrow from Florida. [Read More…]