When women finally get fed up, stuff happens

When women finally say, “I’m not going to let these guys continue to ruin my life and the lives of my children,” stuff happens. These women were fed up. Desperately poor families would see their husband/father drink most of his income, leaving them even worse shape. The women lobbied. They got their candidate elected. They [Read More…]

Help! Why can’t progressives “get” the obsession with abortion?

We could do this–we could reach across the aisles, across the abortion rhetoric and say, “ALL life has value” as well as “Some situations are tragic and need special consideration.” Dear Thoughtful Pastor: For a long time, I have been bothered by the seemingly unshakable fidelity of Christian voters to the single issue of abortion. [Read More…]

Ask Thoughtful Pastor: "Does God Like Women?" How About a Tampon Drive?

Did you know that SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) funds cannot be used to purchase feminine hygiene products? Can you imagine what it would be like to be a girl or woman living in deep poverty and unable to take care of such a basic bodily need? “Around the globe, managing menstruation can be a debilitating, [Read More…]

Why I Support Planned Parenthood

Unlike IVF patients, who are primarily wealthy and white, women who have abortions are disproportionately poor and women of color, groups it has always been popular to condemn and regulate.  This quotation from a Washington Post article on the free and uncondemned donation of embryos created by IVF for research purposes sums up the real [Read More…]

Girl Scouts, Cookies, The Far Right and Christians

How we do love to kill one another. I have this vision of a far-right, sure-of-her-righteousness Christian standing with a huge gun, surrounded by bleeding, rotting corpses, saying to God, “Hey–look at me–I just cleaned out all the sinners for you. I’m the only one who was willing to go to the end for you! [Read More…]