When women finally get fed up, stuff happens

When women finally say, “I’m not going to let these guys continue to ruin my life and the lives of my children,” stuff happens. These women were fed up. Desperately poor families would see their husband/father drink most of his income, leaving them even worse shape. The women lobbied. They got their candidate elected. They [Read More…]

Help! Is there any real truth in a world of “alternative facts”?

When I speak a “truth” that makes me look better and others look worse, the chances are 100% that I’m way off base from God-truth. Dear Thoughtful Pastor: The last election cycle and the first 100 days of the Trump administration have lead me to this question.  The commandment, “Thou shall not bear false witness,” [Read More…]

Sixteen tons and deeper in debt: reflections on the DJT anointing

The theological/anointing/savior themes and subtext leaped from the radio to my ears. “I didn’t watch it. I’m still in disbelief about it all. Having a hard time accepting this.” So my hostess said after I arrived in Austin in preparation for the Women’s March on January 21. I didn’t watch either, but I listened. I [Read More…]

The election is now here: a live blog for this politically–mixed couple

“Nobody really knows what the hell will happen with this election.” My “anyone but Hillary” husband and this “anyone but Donald” wife managed to have a civil and loving discussion about the election. I’m tentatively optimistic that Hillary will win. He sees possibilities for Donald. But his conclusion: “nobody really knows . . . ” [Read More…]

This is not harmless locker room talk: Time for women to say NO MORE

My husband and I are currently in Europe. I was seriously hoping to be away from all political talk during these weeks away, but it cannot happen. The 2005 audio of the Despicable Donald crowing about his ability to molest any woman he wanted has made clear what most of us have known for far [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: How can evangelicals claim moral authority by insisting on voting for Trump?

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I have been astonished at the Wayne Grudem support of Trump.  I am like some who believe part of hatred of Mrs. Clinton and support of Trump derives from the belief of inferiority of women and the “headship” of men which the right wing is so strong about. How can the religious [Read More…]

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A Biblical Case for Hitler

In a blatant act of plagiarism, I have lifted some words from an extraordinarily popular blog post which was written by an anonymous woman who sees herself as a highly educated, theologically conservative pastor’s wife. The blogger describes herself, before making her biblical case for Trump, as one who “CANNOT, however, allow myself ignore the principles laid out [Read More…]

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Did Trump “accept Jesus into his heart?”

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: What does it mean that Donald Trump has accepted Jesus into his heart? Has Hillary Clinton accepted Jesus into her heart? Thank you for your reply. Let me state this clearly: I am not able to enter into the minds/hearts/souls of anyone, including the two candidates for the highest office of the [Read More…]

“Twenty Minutes of Action”–the new definition of rape

By now, I would guess that most have heard about this privileged Stanford student who brutally raped a young woman and then was sentenced only to six months in jail. The young athlete’s father wrote to the judge to plead for a lenient sentence, saying essentially that his son’s 20 golden years should not be [Read More…]

"Trumpian" or Christian?

It has been announced: The Donald isn’t going to show up for the January 28 Republican debate because he doesn’t like Megyn Kelly and her, “I’m going to keep you accountable for your sexist remarks” questions. Trump’s got money and the power that goes with it. He has no need to be questioned about his [Read More…]