Let’s be fair, UMC, and exclude ALL the unclean, not just the homosexuals

Jesus broke the rules of the holiness code, rendering himself ritually unclean, with great regularity. We want a cheap holiness code, not the one Jesus taught and modeled Sex life examination mandated to exclude the unclean With Judicial Council Ruling on Petition 1343, various Boards of Ordained Ministry are going to be required to make a [Read More…]

The Church's Gay Obsession and Our Hypocrisies #UMC

I simply stole that headline, “The Church’s Gay Obsession” from this superb editorial in the October 5, 2014, edition of the New York Times. Frank Bruni speaks eloquently of the Catholic church’s decisions to fire various teachers and leaders in Catholic schools and parishes because they were either in same-sex relationships or decided to marry their same-sex [Read More…]