The privilege of the ordinary: breath and air

We will breathe ordinary air, not air laced with nerve gas that will leave us foaming at the mouth, gasping for otherwise ordinary oxygen. I get to do ordinary things today. The ordinary early morning wake up, the ordinary retrieval of the newspapers, the ordinary cup of hot tea, the ordinary preparation of coffee for [Read More…]

Russia, the Middle East, and Religious Political Rhetoric

Are you as confused as I am about the situation in the Middle East and the recent Russian involvement? Knowing some history about the Russian involvement there, which goes back deep into the Middle Ages, helps. This brief history of that involvement appeared today in the NY Times.  I encourage you to read it if you [Read More…]

Syria, Children, and the Problem of Evil

A church member just phoned.  His son serves on one of the destroyers currently deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, one of many sons and daughters over there of worried parents here. We send our young to protect the young of others. Why?  Well, I’m not going to join the political fray here, other than to [Read More…]

We Are In This Together

Syria. Chemical Warfare. Innocent children and adults killed. Political instability. Denial. Blame. Egypt. Churches burnt. Religious oppression. Political instability. Worshippers killed. Anguish. Russia. Economic disaster. Growing coldness to the US. Persecuting gays and lesbians. Exodus. Sadness. North Korea. Gaining nuclear weaponry. Inexperienced leader. Needs to keep nation in crisis to hold power. Systematic, brutal suppression [Read More…]