The cruel month of January

I manage December, enter January, and each year, I think, “I did it!” I got through the slowly dying days. Soon the longer days of late winter and spring will appear. I can get my life from the sunshine, from working the dirt, from leisurely walks. One would think I would know by now that [Read More…]

Christmas Advice Column, Issue Two

Dear Friendly, Was Jesus really born on December 25th?  All these songs about snow and cold and shepherds sleeping outside in the fields in icy winter don’t make sense to me. Signed, Not So Sure About This. Dear Not So Sure, I was just a child when I heard some radio preacher say that Jesus [Read More…]

The Aftermath Cometh

I feel tension rising.  I see it on people’s faces, I read it on Facebook updates, I sense it in myself. The biggest holiday/family celebration of the year approaches. The question many are asking:  Will it be perfect?  Will we have done necessary to make it the ideal holiday? Will all the children be happy? [Read More…]