You Link to Me, I’ll Gladly Link to You

Update on Tuesday, January 15: If anyone else wants to be linked on my blog, please let me know. I’ll check out your blog and then link to it provided everything makes sense. Then, if you could link to me, that would be great. I’ll leave this up today in order to see if anyone else wants to be linked on this blog. Thanks to everyone who has already left their names and addresses–my blog will be the stronger for your links.

Short post from Deerfield, IL today (my first ever from here). If you read my blog regularly and would like me to link to your blog, please leave your blog name and address in the comments section. The one caveat is this: if I link to you, you link to me. The more blogs that link to your blog, the higher up your blog will appear in online searching. I have wanted to do this for a long time but have not found the time to do so. Don’t be shy–I will link to your blog if it checks out. There are a lot of good blogs out there that could use some exposure. I don’t have much, but what I have, I will gladly use to help fellow bloggers of like mind.

So, feel free to leave me your blog’s name and address. I will add a bunch of links in days to come, and you can add my blog to your link list, and everyone will benefit, and we’ll slowly take over the world together, one Google search at a time.

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  • Terry Delaney

    I’ll take a shot. I have two blogs: and

    I am fairly particular about keeping the diary simply for seminary “help” blogs and links. My “Deep Thoughts” blog is the one I use for my musings and such. That is where I freely link and have had you linked for a while. God bless.


  • Adam Winters

    While my blog doesn’t deserve to get much attention due to my sporadic updating nature, I’d be honored if you link to me. I’ve been linking to you for nearly a year now, because your blog deserves it.
    “On the Shoulders of Giants”
    BTW, I’m fine with you just using my real name on the link if you want.

  • Aaron

    Count me in.

    Sojourner’s Song

    And thanks for your writing Owen. I’ve appreciated a lot of the stuff I’ve read here.

  • S. Todd Young

    Hi Owen. I met you several weeks ago with Dr. and Mrs. Ware just outside Norton Hall. I have appreciated several of your posts. Sign me up.


    Todd Young

  • Danny

    Why not!? You requested, and I accept!

    Danny McDonald – Musings of a Wannabemuser

    I, too, appreciate your blog, though I’ve not read much lately…life comes at you fast sometimes.

  • bryan

    Sure, I dig your blog and have you linked. Count me in, I’ve gained a lot from your blog.


  • Paul Cable

    Hey Owen,

    I’ve appreciated your writing over the past semester. I’ve kept up, and it’s always well worth the read. Blessing on you in Deerfield!

    -Paul Cable

  • Brotherhank

    woohoo! sounds like a deal brother! add me in!
    Lawn Gospel

  • Matt Privett

    I shall add your link now. Mine is God bless.


  • Joseph Gould

    I look forward to your posts from Trinity. I pray your Ph.D. work goes well.

    Joseph Gould

  • Stephen Newell

    Fire me up brother!

    Praying for you during your doctoral studies and that it will bring a wealth of even greater thoughts to your blog!

  • Glorygazer


    Thanks for your helpful blog. You are linked at my blog, (Gazing at Glory).

    Doug Smith

  • Terry Lange

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and I also enjoyed the interview that you did with Said at Southern. I will place a link on my blog

  • Benjamin

    Can’t wait to hear how things go in Chicago! Be sure to get some deep-dish pizza and go to a baseball game or two.


  • James K.

    I’m a terribly late comer to this post, but I’ll throw this up anyway. And I’ll add your link to my little blogroll. Blessings.

    James Korsmo

    (I’ve been a bit sporadic of late with posts, since my wife and I had twin boys this past fall; maybe someday I’ll have time to actually sit down and be a faithful blogger again . . .)

  • Andrew Walker

    Hey Owen, I really enjoy your blog. If you wouldn’t mind linking to me, I would really appreciate it. I have already linked to you.

    my blog deals with NT theology and ethics

    Andrew Walker