Stanford Hires a Chaplain…for Atheists

My buddy Doug Hankins has the story here. John Figdor, a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, is the new university-appointed chaplain for atheists (wearing the pink shirt in the SFGate photo by Carlos Avila Gonzalez). Here’s what Doug blogged: So what does this line of work look like? How do you minister to a person [Read More…]

The Suffering Atheist Who Received $400 from Christians

Some of you may have seen this story earlier when Gospel Coalition highlighted it. I missed it, somehow. It’s quite remarkable. An atheist locked in a battle with Christians over a Nativity Scene was shocked when, in the midst of public conflict, a local church gave hundreds and hundreds of dollars to help pay for [Read More…]

Hitchens’ Widow: “He Insisted Ferociously on Living”

I found this poignant.  It’s from a touching memorial for the writer Christopher Hitchens that his wife, Carol Blue, wrote.  As many will know, Hitchens was a ferocious atheist.  That fact notwithstanding, his wife has this to say about his final months: The new world lasted 19 months. During this time of what he called [Read More…]

Christianity Today Article: Atheist Chaplains in Foxholes?

I just had the privilege of writing an article for the Christianity Today Theology in the News column.  Collin Hansen wrote this column for several years.  As one who loved Collin’s essays and counts him a dear friend, it’s an honor to be able to contribute.  That honor is compounded by the fact that the founding [Read More…]