Being a Father Means Self-Sacrifice: On Not Being a Champion

Every once in a while, you come across a story that, though not necessarily evangelical in nature, drives right to the heart of the truth. This recounting of basketball player Jermaine O’Neal’s work to be a good dad gets at the very core of fatherhood. According to Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated, O’Neal had a chance to play [Read More…]

Watch Kevin Durant’s Incredible Tribute to His Mother: “You Are the Real MVP”

Kevin Durant, a splendid NBA player, just won the 2014 MVP award. During his speech, he paid powerful tribute to his mother, who raised him and his brother Tony by herself. Watch the clip above. You need to watch this speech. It is the anti-celebrity soundbite event. Instead of celebrating himself, and using the public [Read More…]

The Legendarily Tough Interviews of Gregg Popovich

As one who enjoys watching basketball because of–what was it?–basketball, I found this little montage of San Antonio Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich’s comments uproarious. I really like Popovich. Amazing coach who gets the most out of every player. That, for me, is the mark of a great coach–helping every player play to their potential. Here’s [Read More…]

Obama’s Fire: Even Presidents Go 2 for 22 Shooting Hoops

I understand something keenly about President Barack Obama: he loves basketball. He plays all over DC, apparently. This resonates with me. When I was in DC a while back, I too played wherever I could in the city. The energy of DC fits well with a passion for basketball, which is the most kinetic (and [Read More…]

Basketball Theology: VCU’s Terrifying “Havoc” Defense & the Gospel’s Empowerment

“I just want our kids training like a pack of wild dogs,” Roose said last month while wearing a “Wild Dog” T-shirt and camouflage cargo shorts. This, my friends, is why I think the basketball team of Virginia Commonwealth Union might go far (again) in the NCAA tournament. They train like “wild dogs,” and then [Read More…]

On Gonzaga Basketball, Coaches, and Anglican Pastors

I really enjoyed this New York Times story about Gonzaga University basketball coach Mark Few. Few has had outrageous success at the Catholic school in Spokane, Washington, winning 80% of all games coached and a stunning 89% of conference games. Look for Gonzaga to be formidable in a few weeks, when March Madness tips off. What’s even [Read More…]

Vince Carter 2000: When the Slam Dunk Contest Was Awesome

If you were suffering through the once-awesome NBA Slam Dunk Contest last night as I was, then you may need a boost. A pick-me-up. Something to revive your flagging spirits. Here it is: Vince Carter’s 2000 exploits. The music is a little suspect, but the dunks alone should be enough to erase horrible memories of [Read More…]

The Light and Darkness of Michael Jordan

Wright Thompson just published a powerful long-form profile of Michael Jordan at 50. It’s got some rough language, but it’s a penetrating character study of one of the most interesting men of our time (HT: Vitamin Z) The piece shows two major things to me: first, how Michael Jordan so beautifully displayed the image of [Read More…]

The Incredible Story of Louisville Basketball’s Peyton Siva

Today, right now in fact, is the Battle for the Bluegrass: the basketball game between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. There are many cool things about living in Louisville–recently named the top travel destination in America by Lonely Planet–but this is surely one of the best. (Others include Quill’s coffee–Louisville has [Read More…]

On Celebrity, Kevin Durant and the Need for Solace

The most recent issue of the New York Times magazine features an engrossing profile of Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder by Sam Anderson.  It touches on an issue that I mull over sometimes: the effect of celebrity on a person.  Here’s a swatch from the long-form profile that illuminates the incredible pressures of massive [Read More…]