Is it Wrong for Christians to Make Lots of Money?

I tackled a thorny issue in a free-wheeling lecture for The Commonweal Project of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary last week. The full title of the 45-minute lecture (15 minutes of Q&A) was “Is Making a Ton of Money a Moral Problem for Christian Churches?” I answered, in brief, No, but it could be. This is [Read More…]

The Missing Link in the Poverty Debates: Fathers and Mothers

I remember being out in the back room in my home in Machias, Maine. I was a librarian’s son, and so there were books in great quantities in said house. I loved it. One day, having finished my latest basketball book (I nurtured something of an obsession with fine sportswriting as a boy), I wandered [Read More…]

On “Shark Tank,” Income Inequality, and the Glory of Entrepreneurship

I don’t watch much TV. But I do enjoy the ABC show “Shark Tank.” Recently, according to the Daily Caller, the leader of the pack got in some hot water. “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary says a new report showing that the combined wealth of the world’s 85 richest people is equal to the combined [Read More…]

How Do You Solve Poverty? Make a Toy Block!

This is a marvelous 3-minute video that shows, in bite-size form, how poverty can be addressed and even overcome. The standard Western answer to the problem of poverty today is to throw scads of money at it. That’s well-intentioned and perhaps may have some positive short-term effects. But it seems a far better approach in [Read More…]

So Much for Millennials Shifting Left: They Can’t Afford iPhones

An Associated Press story tells an interesting, and not overly popular, story: young adults are increasingly labeling themselves using less liberal terminology than in previous years.  Here’s what Martha Irvine says in her noteworthy piece: Tina Wells, head of Buzz Marketing, an agency that tracks the attitudes of young people, has noticed this shift to [Read More…]

The “Immobile Class”: On College and Work in the New America

The New York Times recently published a thought-provoking article on the new American economy entitled “A Mess on the Ladder of Success.” Here’s a snippet: Rather than dividing the country into the 1 percenters versus everyone else, the split in our economy is really between two other classes: the mobile and immobile. This is an [Read More…]

The Hard-bitten Economy

Christians differ on economic and political matters.  Many are likely unified in these days, though, in a recognition that our national economy continues to struggle (to say nothing of the global economy). Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard has written a tough-minded piece worth reading on our present economic state.  Here’s a bit: [F]or almost [Read More…]

A Gripping and Sobering Tale: Ron Chernow’s Biography of Rockefeller and the Lessons it Holds

About four years ago, economic historian Ron Chernow completed his multi-year work, Titan (Vintage, 2004). The book’s title mirrors its heft. This is nothing short of a titanic feat. In his capstone text, Chernow has delivered a rich, engrossing, exhaustively detailed portrait of one of history’s most fascinating economic figures, the oilman, John D. Rockefeller, [Read More…]