Lance Armstrong Heard the Gospel on a RAGBRAI Trip

My buddy Jed Coppenger, starting a church plant in Nashville, is a bold evangelist. I love it. He once witnessed to Jim Carrey. He’s also witnessed to Lance Armstrong, the figure who’s been justly and publicly shamed for his cheating at cycling. Here’s the story from Baptist Press: Armstrong, who was cycling in the annual [Read More…]

Gospel Shrewdness: Why Churches in University Towns Are Highly Strategic

Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, just preached a gripping sermon on what he called “gospel shrewdness” from Luke 16:1-13.   I heard Dr. Mohler speak on this subject in the White House when I worked for the same some years back; his brief remarks then stuck with me.  I had not heard [Read More…]

The Salon Writer Who Fell in Love with Joel Osteen’s Megachurch

This is one of the more unexpected pieces I’ve come across in a while.  A woman journalist who writes for Salon and other leading publications, secular-minded and skeptically oriented, found herself in Houston and started attending Lakewood Church.  For those who don’t know, this is health-and-wealth preacher Joel Osteen’s congregation.  These are two constituent elements–secular [Read More…]

Evangelical Guilt in Evangelism–and How John 3 Helps

Do you struggle with guilt related to evangelism?  Do you feel like you do very little as a Christian to “draw” lost people?  I sometimes struggle with this feeling–and sometimes, it’s justified.  It’s a very healthy thing to examine one’s evangelistic witness, and to push oneself out of one’s comfort zone (read: the evangelical church/parachurch [Read More…]

X Games Bad Boys Turned Christians

A recent NYT article chronicled an encouraging if unexpected development: a bunch of professional skateboarders and bike riders are boldly witnessing to their faith in Christ. (Photo: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images) Here’s what one of the guys has to say for his new calling: “Today, Hosoi is an associate pastor at a church in Huntington Beach, [Read More…]

Ways to Witness in Suburbia

Here are selected quotations from a thoughtful and helpful post from Illinois pastor Joe Thorn, who has a burden to evangelize and wisdom by which to discharge this burden (and to help the rest of us do so as well). (HT: Steve McCoy) “I do not have the gift of evangelism, though I do share [Read More…]

Does Politics Have Something to Teach Us About Evangelism?

I found this quote from the New Yorker piece on Obama very interesting from an evangelistic standpoint: “Gradually, Chicago caught up with the rest of the country and media-driven politics eclipsed machine-driven politics. “It became increasingly difficult to get into homes and apartments to talk about candidates,” Rose said. “High-rises were tough if not impossible [Read More…]

What’s More Valuable: Putting in Time or Preaching the Truth? Kingdom Considerations

The answer to the above question must be carefully qualified, in my humble opinion. Both pursuits, offered out of a redeemed heart, are honoring to God. God has given His creation and His people the opportunity to labor for His glory (1 Co. 10:31). As with all things that we do, we have the opportunity [Read More…]