Why YOLO Means You Should Build A Family

I just published a piece for Boundless that is entitled “Do Something Awesome: Build a Family.” In the piece, I make the case that for a generation obsessed with personal fulfillment, few things are more meaningful than having and raising children. Here’s a swatch: If you listen to a dash of rap or pop music every now [Read More…]

The God-Driven Family Vs. the Money-Driven Family

The Her.meneutics blog often has provocative content, and this week was no exception. It featured a piece entitled “Thou Shalt Have More Kids” by Jen Pollock Michel that I found helpful. Michel makes the case that Christian families should not be driven by economic concerns, but by a better vision of the good life than [Read More…]

Everything Costs: The Sacrifice of “Success”

I found this sobering illustration of the cost of success in a recent David Sedaris feature for the New Yorker entitled “Laugh, Kookaburra.” Pat was driving, and as we passed the turnoff for a shopping center she invited us to picture a four-burner stove. “Gas or electric?” Hugh asked, and she said that it didn’t [Read More…]