Statecraft is Soulcraft and Healthcare Is Health

If you are like me, the niceties of health care policy are not your forte. The recent fracas over health care in America, therefore, may have gone over your head. Better to avoid those technical discussions and keep on keepin’ on. Here’s one thing to think about, though: government decisions affect our lives. Here’s an [Read More…]

“I Want Justice”: How Marie Freyres Died & Why Statism Is False Theology

I just read a poleaxing story from the Tampa Bay Times that sheds light on what can happen when the state usurps the role of parents. According to the Times, a severely disabled girl, Marie Freyre, was taken from her mother, Doris Freyre, at the wish of Florida medical professionals. The story is harrowing and [Read More…]

Does Alternative Medicine Work Better Than Normal Medicine?

If you’re like me, you’re pretty skeptical about that loaded question.  A recent story in The Atlantic made me think more about this subject, though.  David H. Freedman’s “The Triumph of New-Age Medicine,” from the July 2011 issue, makes the case for alternative medicine more persuasively than I’ve heard it.  You may be skeptical at this [Read More…]