How Christian Rappers Are Leading the Way in Ferguson

I’m hundreds of miles away from St. Louis, but I grieve over the racial strife and civil unrest there. With many others, I pray for an end to this situation. I do know one thing quite clearly: in the midst of this awful turmoil, Christians are speaking out. In particular, two Christian rappers are raising their [Read More…]

Problematic Teaching from NCFIC Hip Hop Panelists

I just had my attention brought to problematic teachings made by members of the NCFIC panel I blogged about last week. Dan Horn has suggested that, in the antebellum period, slaves “were treated as part of a family.” He says so in this video. (UPDATE: link fixed.) This is highly problematic in historical terms. Many slaves were [Read More…]

Dr. Strange-Tunes: Or, How One Man Came to Love Christian Rap

This is a guest-post from Dr. Ryan Reeves, Assistant Dean at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Jacksonville Campus). He is also Assistant Professor of Historical Theology. His PhD is from the University of Cambridge and is centered in Reformation studies. Ryan is a friend of mine and reached out after the controverted NCFIC panel to publish the following. [Read More…]

Did a NCFIC Panel Really Say That Reformed Rappers Are “Disobedient Cowards”?

My friend and Grammy-winning hip hop producer Alex Medina sent me a link to the above video. It’s a panel from the recent Worship of God conference put on by the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches. Here’s what the event info says about the discussion: At the recent Worship of God conference, attendees were encouraged to prepare [Read More…]

Why I Love the Organic Christian Rap of Beautiful Eulogy (Free Download)

If you like good rap, original production, and biblically thick lyricism, you will enjoy Beautiful Eulogy. Based out of Portland, Oregon, and featuring Odd Thomas, Braille, and Courtland Urbano, BE–from the label Humble Beast Records–has established itself as one of the top Christian hip-hop groups. That could be read in the wrong way, I suppose. BE [Read More…]

New Beautiful Eulogy Rap Song: “Vital Lens”

From the video information: “We’re happy to share with you the first single from Beautiful Eulogy’s sophomore release, “Instruments of Mercy”. The new album is set to drop later this fall for free on” This is just amazing stuff: this group makes excellent music with theologically rich lyrics, and then they release it for free. [Read More…]

Know Your Christian Rappers: a Christianity Today Breakdown

Just had the opportunity to tackle a fun assignment for Christianity Today: profile several of the most prolific gospel rap artists. Cat, meet catnip. CT just published the piece, which is a sidebar to Russ Moore’s cover story on the Christian hip hop movement (presently behind the paywall). My shorter piece covers Lecrae, Trip Lee (photo), [Read More…]

Your Weekly Hot Rap Song

Hot new rap video from a young gun I haven’t heard of: Skrip. Features Andy Mineo, one of the most talented rappers around. [Read more…]

The Best Song of 2012 Is…a Rap Song!

I listen to a good amount of music. The best song I heard in 2012 was “Beautiful Eulogy” by the rap group of the same name (Beautiful Eulogy, just to make that abundantly clear). BE is based out of Portland, Oregon; in the oddness of life, I first listened to the song while walking on [Read More…]

Reflecting on Propaganda’s Fiery “Precious Puritans” Rap Song

The talented Christian rapper Propaganda just released “Excellent,” a strong new album on the Humble Beast label (buy it here).  Humble Beast is the home of Beautiful Eulogy, the group from Portland, Oregon that put out an excellent album this summer. Propaganda is equal parts slam poet and rapper.  He hits hard in his content [Read More…]