What the Mall Does to the Marketplace of Ideas

According to Douglas Groothius in the very helpful Truth Decay, “The public space of settled communities is replaced by the giant, impersonal strip mall, which serves as a surrogate for the older ideal of a marketplace of ideas. But no ideas are present, because truth repeatedly succumbs to “the evil genius of advertising,” in Baudrillard’s [Read More…]

Books of Note: Ajith Fernando’s “The Call to Joy and Pain”

Recently published by Crossway, Ajith Fernando’s “The Call to Joy and Pain” (2007) transcends expectations for such a small, devotionally oriented book. There is considerable food for thought in this 180-page text, including many helpful stories, personal reminisces, and exegetical points to ponder. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and would enthusiastically recommend it to readers, [Read More…]