Churches, Promote Your Worship Dude

There are few positions in the local church that can be more confusing to figure out than the worship leader/dude/guy/servant. Who is the worship leader supposed to be? Is the position merely about singing songs? Should the person in charge give mini-sermonettes? In a good number of churches, the person who leads music operates in limbo. [Read More…]

On Gungor and Whether Doubt Is Okay

Yesterday, WORLD magazine ran a story on the band Gungor and how the theology it articulates in its music has shifted away from orthodoxy. Michael Gungor in particular now embraces “God as woman” theology (which I recently covered at great length) and is emphasizing the role of doubt in his personal makeup. According to WORLD, Gungor now does [Read More…]

An Essay on Authenticity: Is True Humanity Sinful or Holy?

I recently read a nicely-written Christianity Today profile of a musician named Jason Harrod. Jonathan Fitzgerald, a gifted young evangelical writer, penned the piece. Harrod is a faith-expressing musician, but he makes clear in his lyrics and remarks that his is an up-and-down spirituality. See the following: On “One of These Days,” Harrod promises to “get [Read More…]

Gorgeous Music: “I Shall Not Want” by Audrey Assad

My wife just told me about this gorgeous song by Audrey Assad, “I Shall Not Want.” It’s based off of Psalm 23, and it’s from Assad’s new album Fortunate Fall. I don’t know much about Assad, but what I’ve heard of her music has taken my breath away. [Read more…]

My Favorite Song from Mumford & Sons’ Grammy-winning “Babel”

This song, “Ghosts That We Knew,” is from the Grammy-award winning Mumford & Sons. In case you haven’t heard about this group, it’s led by the son of a charismatic British pastor. Marcus Mumford, the band’s leader, frequently sings about faith, heartbreak, and pain. I don’t know where Marcus stands with the Lord, but I [Read More…]

Jesus, All My Trust Is in Your Blood

[bandcamp track=4230304246 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti] This song from Sovereign Grace Music, “Now Why This Fear,” is definitely worth a listen.  The music, from the cd The Gathering, is powerful, and the lyrics by master hymnist Augustus Toplady, author of “Rock of Ages,” are theologically rich and meaningful.  Here’s a snatch; this would be a great cd [Read More…]

Matthew Perryman Jones, One of Evangelicalism’s Finest Singer-Songwriters If you haven’t heard of Matthew Perryman Jones, he’s one of the finest singer-songwriters I know of.  Jones has a new album out called Land of the Living that looks great (here’s an interview about it with Relevant magazine, and here’s a laudatory review from a leading music website).  The song above is from [Read More…]

“The Fighter” by The Fray: An Amazing New Song

A fantastic, soaring new song that captures the sadness and possibility of life in this world. Isaac Slade explains the song here.  Here’s a snippet: I went to Breckenridge and wrote by myself in a cabin up there for a while. I brought all of my journals from second grade until now. And I brought [Read More…]

Redefining Bluegrass: Sarah Jarosz and the New Bluegrass Contemporarists

Have you heard of Sarah Jarosz?  If not, you should check her out.  She’s part of an interesting develop in modern music.  Call it “classical bluegrass.”  NPR recently did a story on Jarosz and this developing sound, suggesting that her brand of performance is the child of a marriage between classical music schools and traditional [Read More…]

Dancing in Minefields, Salvation Through Judgment, and the Immortal “Dad Life” Video

Check out a new video from the new Andrew Petersen album: “Dancing in the Minefields.”  Love the song, and especially the backing chorus.  (HT:JT) ************** Have you heard about the new biblical theology by Jim Hamilton coming in November?  It looks like necessary reading.  Hamilton works book by book through the Bible examining the theme [Read More…]