How Carl Henry Saved a Young Philosopher’s Life

A Christianity Today essay by King’s College president Greg Thornbury entitled “How I Almost Lost My Faith” tells a remarkable story. In college, Thornbury was struggling with a crisis of faith. It was brought on by what is called “historical criticism”: After high school, I attended a Christian liberal arts college. In the first semester of my [Read More…]

The 75-Year-Old Philosopher Causing a Ruckus in the Academy

Andrew Ferguson of the Weekly Standard is a great writer of profiles. He just published a delightful–and delightfully long–piece entitled “The Heretic” on Thomas Nagel, the philosopher who has dared to challenge the naturalistic orthodoxy of the American academy. Here’s a section: Thomas Nagel may be the most famous philosopher in the United States—a bit like being [Read More…]

Is the Bible Blind to Womanly Beauty?

Don’t know if you’ve followed this, but Tim Challies kicked up a bit of an Internet storm recently when he helpfully suggested that it was a good thing for Christian wives to give attention to their appearances for the betterment of their husbands.  He was responding to a post a few months ago by blogger [Read More…]

Even a Madman Can Glimpse the Truth: Friedrich Nietzsche on the Death of God

Some of you out there have seen this famous quotation, but it is worth reading again. One of my friends passed it on to me for a lecture I’m doing on truth, and I thought it so fascinating and so insightful, so breathless and beautifully written with such vivid, dramatic language, that I needed to [Read More…]