Kevin DeYoung: We Need “Biblical Clarity” on Manhood & Womanhood

Kevin DeYoung is the Senior Pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. A widely-respected pastor-theologian, author, and speaker, he will join CBMW at our April 2016 T4G pre-conference, “The Beauty of Complementarity.” Kevin will speak on “Redemption through Motherhood: Why Caring for Children Is Caring for the World.” I am eager to hear [Read More…]

Al Mohler on Complementarity: “That Really Is a Beautiful Truth”

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. is the president of Southern Seminary and Boyce College. In April 2016, he will be a plenary speaker at the CBMW T4G pre-conference held by the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood. We’re thrilled for this! In the video above, Dr. Mohler explains why he is excited about this event, which [Read More…]

4 Ways to Overcome the Feminization of Boys

The world gaped in awe at the story of the four Americans, aided by a Brit and a Frenchman, who singlehandedly, without weapons, prevented a mass shooting on a French train a couple weeks back. I just wrote about this Jason Bourne-like episode for The Stream. It is a story you need to read. It will [Read More…]

The Depressing and Weirdly Encouraging Data on Ashley Madison Users

I just read a depressing–and oddly encouraging–piece about the recent Ashley Madison hack that exposed users of the site, which purports to facilitate affairs. Here’s what Annalee Newitz of Gizmodo found in analyzing the data from users: Overall, the picture is grim indeed. Out of 5.5 million female accounts, roughly zero percent had ever shown [Read More…]

5 Implications of the Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision

Same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, per the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. What should Christians think and do in response? 1. We should recognize that this is a dark hour for America. This development has not occurred in a vacuum. It is the realization of many decades of cultural decline. Our [Read More…]

Urban Outfitters and Kent State: The Aesthetics of Violence

With many others, I was shocked to see the release of a Kent State sweatshirt by Urban Outfitters spattered in fake blood. The image is to the left; though many of us are accustomed to seeing blood to some degree, this article of clothing as captured in a screenshot is nonetheless unsettling. Here’s what Urban [Read More…]

Propelling the Gospel Ahead: David Platt and the SBC’s Future

Today, the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention announced that Birmingham pastor David Platt–who spoke powerfully on gospel-driven singleness for CBMW at our 2014 Nat’l Conference— is its new President. This is nothing less than tremendous news. Platt is the author of Radical and related books and has essentially inherited the mantle of John Piper [Read More…]

We Are All Mephibosheth

Southern Seminary has posted the video of my chapel message from yesterday. It’s entitled “Mephibosheth Comes to Dinner: Of Enemies and Eating,” and it’s based on 2 Samuel 9. My three points were as follows: 1.  In verses 1-4, we see a picture of Christian grace. It is an action scene of salvation. 2. In verses [Read More…]

Are You Young? Then Come to the FOCUS Conference February 15-17

In a couple of weeks (February 15-17), I’ll be speaking on “Risking it All for Jesus as a Young Man or Woman” at the FOCUS conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. The theme of my talk is based on my new book Risky Gospel. If you’re in junior high or high school or have kids this age, [Read More…]

The Husband Who Would Not Leave His Wife Behind

It’s been too long since a basketball-related item graced this humble little blog. Well, here’s one. Look out: it will get you. Former Celtics point guard Bob Cousy (one of the three greatest Celtics ever, with Bill Russell and Larry Bird) recently lost his wife, Missie. The Worcester Telegram, one of a thousand city or [Read More…]