How Paganism Keeps Women Down & Christianity Lifts Them Up

I just recorded a 30-minute program with the TV show Dead Reckoning. It’s led by Brian Mattson and Jay Friesen, two sharp and gifted guys. We did not talk about wine, but we did talk about women. Specifically, we discussed how Christianity in ancient times dignified and enfranchised women. It was not the Christians, and the [Read More...]

Men Stand in the Middle: On Ray Rice and the Dignity of Women

The horrifying footage of Ray Rice punching his fiancee Janay (now his wife) has now traveled around the world. Rice was originally suspended for two games for this act of abuse. Now, after the video was leaked, he’s been cut from the Baltimore Ravens and suspended from the NFL. Some have defended him. He deserves [Read More...]

The Beauty of Motherhood, Captured

Matt Bieler, creator of a killer RG3 Adidas commercial (“What Light Can Do”), just released a short (2:38) film on stay-at-home motherhood. It’s not didactic. It’s aesthetic and expressive. It’s breathtaking. The video fits this season perfectly. In celebrating the Incarnation, we also give thanks to God for Mary, the mother of Christ. Short films [Read More...]

Should We Tell Our Little Girls They’re “Princesses”?

A recent piece over at Acculturated, a fun and thought-provoking site, just went viral. Mark Tapson wrote “In Defense of Disney Princesses” in response to a push by feminists to picture girlhood in more careerist terms. Tapson defended the idea of traditional femininity in his essay, and I’m very glad that he did. Speaking broadly, [Read More...]

Risky Womanhood: Telling the Powerful Story of Blandina

Have you ever heard of Blandina? You should have. She was a second-century slave girl. Ordinarily, her story would have been lost to history. But Blandina was no ordinary young woman. She was a Christian, and a Christian in a time of fierce persecution. In my forthcoming book Risky Gospel: Abandon Fear and Build Something Awesome (Thomas [Read More...]

A Notable Critique of Rachel Held Evans’s “Year of Biblical Womanhood”

Over at CBMW Reviews you’ll find a short, irenic and theologically muscular review of the controversial A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans. The review is by complementarian voice Aimee Byrd (at left). Here’s a selection: With all the research that Evans does, she seemingly doesn’t understand the basic principles of biblical hermeneutics. Literal interpretation, i.e., reading [Read More...]

On Erick Erickson and Differences Between Men and Women

“I’m so used to liberals telling conservatives that they’re anti-science. But liberals who defend this and say it is not a bad thing are very anti-science. When you look at biology — when you look at the natural world — the roles of a male and a female in society and in other animals, the [Read More...]

A Deeper Beauty: On the Fragility and Promise of Daughters

This post is cross-posted from CBMW’s Manual channel (Twitter feed here). Earlier this week I wrote a piece for CBMW’s Manual on the “smokin’ hot wife” references you sometimes hear in evangelical churches. I realized today that I should have addressed another dimension of this trend: the daughters who hear this language in churches. Let [Read More...]

The Non-End of Men: One Woman’s Take on Hanna Rosin’s Argument

Over at the CBMW blog–the new site is jusssstttt about to debut–we just published a terrific piece from Candice Watters, cofounder of and one of the most gifted commentators around on issues related to womanhood and biblical maturity. Candice interacts with the recent best-seller by Hanna Rosin, The End of Men. Rosin suggests in the book [Read More...]

Celebrating the Gifts Women Bring to Weekly Worship

CBMW just featured a really helpful piece on ten ways for women to serve the church in weekly worship. It’s a joint post for CBMW by Boyce College professor Scott Connell and his wife, Mary. I encourage you to read it, chew on it, and think it over in your own church. Toward that end, [Read More...]