We Feel Unsafe Today Because We Are

Yesterday, a woman attempted to drive past White House guards. She was unsuccessful and sped up to the U. S. Capitol building where she was shot and killed. It’s not immediately clear why Miriam Carey did this, and why she placed her child’s life in danger (the child was apparently unharmed). My friend Eric Teetsel [Read More…]

Remembering 9/11: Up and In

We have heard their stories often in the previous decade.  The fire fighters of New York City who streamed into the two towers of the World Trade Center to rescue the hundreds of people who were trapped in them.  The names are available on nondescript web pages: Joseph Agnello, Sean Hanley, Robert Parro, William Wren. [Read More…]

Swagger Wagons, 9/11 Politics, and Fake Godliness

Denny Burk on “swagger wagons” is worth looking into.  The video he links to will rock your world, particularly when the dad puts on a feather boa and clears his daughter’s tea table.  Nice spoof on the strange and singular genre of rap videos (and strange and singular genre of minivans). ********** Roughly nine years [Read More…]

The Link 9.11.09: Phoenix Rap, The Admiral’s Faith, and Remembering 9/11

1.  I hadn’t heard much Phoenix rap before this week, but now I have.  And now you can too.  Check out iSix5, a Christian rap out of Phoenix.  A buddy here at TEDS hipped me to them and I liked their stuff.  Straight gospel, good writing, strong beats.  Also, they submit to the leadership of [Read More…]