The Missing Link in the Poverty Debates: Fathers and Mothers

I remember being out in the back room in my home in Machias, Maine. I was a librarian’s son, and so there were books in great quantities in said house. I loved it. One day, having finished my latest basketball book (I nurtured something of an obsession with fine sportswriting as a boy), I wandered [Read More…]

The Link 7.3.09: Keller on Raising Kids in Cities

Got alot for you today. 1. Here’s a helpful talk Tim Keller did on raising kids in the city.  I enjoyed his talk, which lists three cons and eight pros.  I also liked the Q&A–some great stuff came up.  It starts after roughly thirty minutes. 2. Speaking of Keller, he did a debate with Ligon [Read More…]