BibleMesh Blog: Anthony Weiner and Gospel Apologies

This is a post from the BibleMesh blog, Thesis.  I’ve given a snippet here; to read the whole thing, go to this link. ************** You have likely heard of the Anthony Weiner scandal and his ensuing apology.  A married man, Weiner “sexted” with several women until he posted a salacious photo intended for private viewing [Read More…]

“Men are dogs”: Maureen Dowd Scorches Weiner

Maureen Dowd just published an earth-scorcher on the Anthony Weiner scandal entitled “Your Tweetin’ Heart.”  It’s in the NYT and is well-worth reading (HT: Mike Cosper).  Dowd relishes a fine skewering of bad men, and she’s up to the task in her piece.  I found it interesting given that just last week I tackled this [Read More…]