Bowdoin InterVarsity Leader Tells Story in First Things

I’ve been covering the ongoing struggle at my alma mater, Bowdoin College, between the administration and Bowdoin Christian Fellowship, an evangelical group led by Rob Gregory. Gregory, a close friend of mine, is becoming a household name to readers of my blog, and as of today he’s known as well to the readership of First Things. [Read More…]

Really Good News at Tufts: Christian Leaders Can Be Christian

This from World magazine, which has provided intrepid reporting on the alarming situation at Tufts University: Student religious groups should not have to appoint leaders who do not share their beliefs, a student judiciary at Tufts University announced on Wednesday. Like several other private colleges, Tufts has an “all comers” policy that requires official student organizations [Read More…]

Russ Moore on the Potential Danger of Campus Ministry and the Textured Goodness of the Local Church

Had to pass along this quotation to you from a recent Russ Moore piece entitled, “Jesus Didn’t Die for a Campus Ministry: The Spiritual Danger of Unchurched Spirituality“.  Here’s a theologically rich and personally challenging quotation on the spiritual nature of the local church: “In the Bible, a local church–with all its ridiculous flaws–is an [Read More…]

When the Bell Fell Silent: The Church, the Parachurch, and Christian Witness to the American University, Pt. 2

The body of secularist water that washed over the American academy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was no mere wave. It was a tsunami. At one point there were many schools that educated students from a unapologetically Christian perspective; at another those same schools had utterly abandoned all commitments to Christianity and Christian education. [Read More…]

When the Bell Fell Silent: The Church, the Parachurch, and Christian Witness to the American University

The twentieth century was hard on evangelicals in many ways, despite our rise to some level of cultural prominence as the century wore on. Ecclesiastically, on matters of the local church, we ran up against some rocks. In short, we ceded much ground to the parachurch. Possessing too narrow a vision of church life, many [Read More…]