Are Laws Really That Powerful in Today’s World?

Have you heard claims from some that abortion rates have recently fallen due to Clinton-administration efforts?  And that laws, whether state or federal, have no bearing on abortion rates in America?  If you’re like many (most?) Americans, and you’ve heard both claims, here are some stats for you from an article by Michael New on [Read More…]

The New Hampshire Debates: Quick Thoughts

I’m not sure if you watched the debates from New Hampshire, but I watched snatches of them and came away with quick thoughts on the candidates. Due to a busy schedule, I had not seen any of the candidates in action. On the Republican side, it was fun to see a bunch of smart, confident, [Read More…]

The Week-est Link, Jan. 4, 2008

1. A look at the Emergent Church movement by PBS. The video is 10:44 long. It’s got some interesting material, and commentary from a Trinity Evangelical Divinity School professor, Don Carson. I’m hoping to take a class from him in coming days. The video shows us that the Emergent Church is a confused movement, a [Read More…]