The New York Times on My Alma Mater’s Food: And You Thought People Chose Bowdoin for the Academics

Actually, title of this blog aside, most people have no idea what Bowdoin College is, let alone why anyone would choose to go to this tiny school in Maine. But I, fair friends, am here to attempt to correct this cruel imbalance of perception by the ultimate stroke of modern agency: blogging. The reason I [Read More…]

When the Bell Fell Silent: The Church, the Parachurch, and Christian Witness to the American University, Pt. 3

So here we are. We’ve got an overdeveloped parachurch and an underdeveloped local church in relation to the college campus. Where do we go from here? Well, I’m not the answer-man, but I will take a crack at this. I would suggest that the primary need we have is for a pastoral corps that has [Read More…]