The Importance of An Actual Personal Lecture

Saw this in a terrific piece on class lecturing at The Atlantic. In an age gravitating toward online education, essays like this deserve careful consideration. Richard Gunderman, a professor at Indiana University, offers these thoughts on the unique contribution of a live, personal lecture: The core purpose of a great lecturer is not primarily to transmit [Read More…]

Don’t Waste Your College: An Essay on Adolescence

The American college experience occupies a vaunted place in the mind of many an adolescent.  College, overworked high schoolers assure themselves, will be a place of freedom, experimentation, video games, and goofing off.  And that’s just in class. The system of delayed adulthood or prolonged adolescence or unmitigated disaster (choose whatever term suits your fancy) [Read More…]

Acorns in the Wind: Crafting a Blueprint for Manhood

I do not have the space or time to do this subject justice–not to mention experience and knowledge. Two things encourage me to make a humble attempt, however. First, I’m not posing as an expert or know-it-all. I’m merely trying to jumpstart a thought process in the minds of fellow Christians who may or may [Read More…]