Making Men Moral: A Conversation with Robby George, David Novak, Jeal Belke Elshtain, and Harry Poe

In the evening panel session, a number of the conference’s speaker held a conversation about the topics covered in the conference. The conversation began with stories about Richard John Neuhaus. who was to have spoken at the conference and only very recently passed away.  Father Neuhaus helmed the influential magazine First Things and led the [Read More…]

Making Men Moral: The Audio for the First Four Sessions Is Up

I’m blown away by how fast the team here has published the audio from the conference’s first four sessions.  If you want to hear any of the first four talks, go here, and listen to your heart’s content.  You’ll thoroughly enjoy each of these sessions.   I won’t keep posting on the audio updates, though I will give a [Read More…]

Making Men Moral: David Novak on Law, Morality, and Universal Moral Arguments

The biography of David Novak, the conference’s fourth speaker: “David Novak holds the J. Richard and Dorothy Shiff Chair of Jewish Studies as Professor of the Study of Religion and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto since 1997. He received his A.B. from the University of Chicago in 1961, his M.H.L. (Master of Hebrew Literature) [Read More…]