The Week-est Link, May 16, 2008: FreeRange Kids, Adorare Mente, & the White Board Sessions

1. Spotted a terrific article in the LA Times the other day about a parent who rebelled against overparenting and let her nine-year-old find his way home on the New York subway. The author, Rosa Brooks, makes the case for letting kids be kids, and play as such. Also, check out a great site called [Read More…]

The Week-est Link, Dec. 28 2008

1. There’s a new Death Cab for Cutie album coming out very soon. Follow this link to watch a little video that gives a few details about the record. Death Cab is one of those cutting edge bands who everybody talks about. Sometimes these bands aren’t really that good, but Death Cab is quite good, [Read More…]

Great Music

Ah, the summer weekend. Is there much better than a summer weekend? I think not. So relaxing, so calm, so full of possibility. As you enjoy the next few days, here are a few songs to check out. The first is Death Cab for Cutie’s “Brothers on a Hotel Bed“. This song, by an emo/rock [Read More…]